Large sycamore removal

Here we are bringing down a large sycamore tree in a small back yard.  There was not a lot of room to work but we made it happen.  Click the Headline to view the video.    

Large privacy fence

Here is an 8ft tall 360ft long fence that we recently completed.  Click the Headline to view the video.

Removal of 2 large very dead pine trees

These are 2 large very dead pine trees that we took down on south Huntsville.  For safety reasons, we used a 61 ft. lift to bring them down.  It is always very dangerous to let trees get in this condition as they were barely standing on their own.  They shattered into hundreds of little pieces

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Large pecan tree removal

Yesterday we brought down this large pecan tree in south Huntsville.  Robbie made a perfect cut and dropped this limb between the house and fence.  Click the Headline to view the video.

Robbie carefully removing a limb

Today we raised the canopy of this large oak tree by our customer’s driveway.  This is Robbie doing what he does best.  Perfect dropping of some limbs…right on target.  Click the Headline to view the video. Here he is piecing out this limb and guiding the logs down to insure they land in a safe

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Welcome to the Melrose Tree and Landscaping blog

We have created this blog to keep you up to date on our current projects as well as other useful educational information.  Check back often as we will be posting new information soon. Our blog mission We continually add information here about our current work and any other news.  You will find information on tree

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